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EOR Projects

The exploration and application of chemical flooding technologies in oilfields is done within EOR (enhanced oil recovery) projects, with the aim of improving the recovery of oil reserves.; In addition, exploration and application of gas injection technologies in oilfields is investigated, with the aim of improving the recovery of hydrocarbon reserves;. There are explorations and application of thermal methods to increase the index of the recovery of oil deposits.

nove tehnologije



EOR screening method


Forming the program of additional exploration of oil and gas reservoirs


Creation of a plan and implementing the program of the laboratory testing of core, oil, gas, chemicals


Modelling the process of EOR projects implementation


Forming of a conceptual project for the EOR project implementation, the research of technologies and equipment

Digital transformation

Within Digital Transformation, improved are the business processes in the field of geological research, reservoir development, oil and gas production, by the application of digital technologies. Programs of digital projects in the field of geological exploration, reservoir development, and oil and gas production are managed through the application of digital technologies, and Data Science projects in the field of geology, oil and gas development and production are being advanced.

digitalna transformacija



Analysis of existing business processes and the formation of proposals for increasing the efficiency of business task implementation, with the application of digital technologies


Management of digital business initiatives


Implementation of digital programs at the level of Exploration; and Production Block


Digital project management

Underground storages of CO2

Within the framework of underground CO2 storage facilities, geological analysis and research of potential facilities for CO2 storage, elaboration of the overall project for the construction of an underground CO2 storage facility, formation of a monitoring program for underground CO2 storage facilities, a program for preventing and reducing the impact of CO2 penetration (CO2 leakage mitigation and remediation) and a development strategy are carried out. of underground CO2 storages (CCUS).


Analysis of legal regulations of Serbia, the EU and other countries related to the reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, the formation and maintenance of underground storage facilities, etc.; In addition, there is research and development of technologies related to the capture, transport, injection and control of CO2 in all processes of the CCUS projects implementation.

podzemna skladišta



Creation of the program of geological exploratory works to find the optimal reservoirs for CO2 storage


Creation of a plan and implementing the program of laboratory testing of core, oil, gas, chemicals


Development of geological, geomechanical and hydrodynamic models of underground CO2 storage


Modelling the processes of CO2 injection and storage


Analysis of the application of CO2 injection with the aim of increasing the utilization of oil deposits (CO2 EOR projects)

Scientific research works

Within the framework of scientific research works, new scientific concepts and technologies are tested in the domains of exploration geology and geology of deposit development. Development of advanced technologies for processing, interpretation and application of geological data are being developed.

naučno istraživački radovi


grid of rectangles

Analysis of new specialist software and technologies

oil rig

Application of advanced technologies in seismic

Testing of new technologies – Implementation of opi

When testing new technologies, the exploration and implementation are carried out.

implementacija opi



The analysis of new technologies and world practices in accordance with current issues

oil extraction

The analysis and selection of boreholes for the installation of technologies, monitoring of the operation of technologies and their introduction into regular exploitation