Technological challenge:
Inability to perform repair insulation works due to limited water supply (RIW-LWS)”

Description: On a certain number of wells, it is not possible to perform RIW-LWS operations due to technological constraints caused by a large number of perforations.

Scope of activity: Formation

Expected Outcome: Chemistry and new materials

Current Constraints: Due to the high number of perforation openings per meter, it is not possible to perform the RIW-LWS operation on a certain number of wells, which involves insulating the production interval (pressure cementing) and re-perforating it after injecting polymer.

Potential Solutions: Temporary insulation of the production interval. It consists of two stages. The first would be carried out this year and would involve: market research for new materials for temporary isolation, laboratory testing. The second stage, contingent on positive test results, would be carried out next year and would involve operational testing (OPI). Increasing the number of wells where RIW-LWS operations are performed at NIS assets.