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Quality laboratory services

The laboratory was founded in 1969 in order to test the quality of oil and petroleum products in the production processes of NIS.


Since 2009, the laboratory has been transformed into a commercial laboratory that offers testing services for oil, gas, semi-products, commercial oil derivatives, oils and lubricants at the market.


In order to satisfy the needs of internal and external service providers, which require the recognition of the competence of the laboratory to carry out testing activities in the field of petroleum derivatives, including fuels, lubricants and solvents, as well as in the field of chemical products, the Downstream Laboratory received accreditation granted by the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS). The laboratory works in accordance with the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and has adopted all technical and safety requirements. It is equipped with modern testing equipment that complies with the specifications relevant to the tests.


The laboratory is accredited for 269 testing methods.

Main activities

oil extraction

Sampling of oil and oil derivatives


Laboratory testing of petroleum products


Sertifikacija naftnih derivata


Laboratory tests of oils, lubricants and related products

Examination subjects – commercial products

  • FUELS (liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), gasoline, aviation gasoline and jet fuel, diesel fuel, gas oil): Tests of all characteristics in accordance with the Rulebook on technical and other requirements for liquid fuels of petroleum origin and for liquid petroleum gas.


  • BIOCOMPONENTS B100 and BIODIESEL: The examination of all the characteristics of biocomponents (RME, SME, PME, UCOME, FAME) according to the SRPS EN 14214 specification and the requirements of the Rulebook on Technical and Other Requirements for Biofuels


  • FUEL OIL: Testing of all types of heating oil (S, T, NSG-S) in accordance with the Rulebook on technical and other requirements for liquid fuels of petroleum origin


  • BITUMEN: Testing of all types of bitumen for roads (50/70, 70/100, 160/220) in accordance with SRPS EN 12591 and for polymer modified bitumen (PMB 45/80-65 and PMB 25/55-55) in accordance with SRPS EN 14023
  • OILS, LUBRICANTS AND RELATED PRODUCTS:  Testing of motor and industrial oils and lubricants of different classifications according to the requirements of the Rulebook on technical and other requirements for lubricants, industrial oils and related products.
  • BRAKE FLUID: Testing the characteristics of non-petroleum based brake fluids for hydraulic systems
  • COOLANTS: Testing the characteristics of coolants according to the SRPS H.Z2.010 specification for glycol-based antifreeze.
  • CRUDE OIL: Testing all the characteristics of crude oil necessary in the procedures of handover and international trade flows.

Laboratory locations

Tests are conducted 24/7 at four locations:

PANČEVO – Testing of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, aviation gasoline, LPG, gas oils, fuel oils, biodiesel, waste and industrial waters, chemicals and additives;

NOVI SAD – testing of gasoline, diesel, gas fuels, bitumen, petroleum coke, crude oil, petrochemical products, biocomponents B100, oil, LPG, heating oil, crude oil, oil, lubricants and related products, additives, antifreeze, brake liquids, waste and industrial waters;

Belgrade ( testing of jet fuels, aviation gasoline, gasoline, diesel, gas oils;

NIŠ- testing of jet fuels, aviation gasoline, gasoline, diesel, gas oils.

Competences and certificates

Downstream laboratory department:
  • Accredited laboratory in the field of testing under accreditation number 01-372, according to the standard SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2017 General requirements for the competence of laboratories for testing and calibration.
  • It holds certified integrated quality and environmental management systems according to SRPS ISO 9001 and SRPS ISO 14001 and CE mark for road and polymer-modified bitumens.
  • It has an established quality assurance system for the production, storage and distribution of aviation fuel in accordance with the requirements of EI/ JIG 1530
  • Appointed body by the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia for assessing the conformity of liquid petroleum derivatives and liquid petroleum gas in accordance with product standards and technical regulations
  • It actively participates in the work on the adoption of Serbian standards within the national technical committees that are formed in accordance with international and European technical committees within the Institute for Standardization of Serbia.
  • Leader in testing oil and petroleum products (LPG, gasoline, diesel, JET A1, gas oils, biofuels, oils and lubricants, bitumen).
  • It is equipped with about 550 units of laboratory equipment for more than 400 different testing procedures.

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