deposit development
Main activities
  • Calculation of geological and recoverable hydrocarbon reserves using modern tools and software;
  • Analysis of development using analytical tools in order to examine the possibility of increasing the utilization of hydrocarbon deposits;
  • Creation of production forecast variants using the probabilistic method R10, R50, R90;
  • Application of a suite of modern software tools for creating, updating and analysing 3D hydrodynamic models in order to reliably forecast production, estimate reserves and assess unreliability in field development;
  • Participation in the development of project technical documentation – studies on oil and gas reserves, reservoir development studies, feasibility studies and major mining projects;
  • Creation and updating of the production profile in accordance with the geological-technical activities in the field;
  • Detailed analysis of reservoir development with the focus on proposals for new drilling, as well as optimization of the operation of already existing wells;
  • PVT laboratory testing and modelling;
  • Screening and development of projects for underground storage and utilization of CO2 in Serbia;
  • Development of projects for the increase of oil deposit coefficient of utilization (EOR methods) using modern technologies and knowledge.
  • Studies on oil and gas reserves of all reservoirs on the territory of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Deep dive projects of oil and gas fields in Serbia;
  • 3D hydrodynamic models of oil and gas deposits in Serbia and in certain fields in Russia;
  • Feasibility studies and major mining projects.
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