field work

Preparation of mining investment and technical documentation

The centre for the preparation of project-technical documentation of the Science and Technology Centre deals with the preparation of mining investment-technical documentation. This documentation represents a legal obligation and is necessary for obtaining permits and approvals for exploitation from the competent state authorities. The employees of the “Centre for PTD” are chief designers of the mining profession and responsible designers of the mining, geological and economic profession.

project drawing


oil rig

Feasibility study of oil and gas exploitation

oil extraction

Main/Supplementary mining project for oil and gas development and exploitation.

Feasibility study shows the following:
  • Conditions and conceptual solution of exploitation methods
  • Preparation and placement of raw materials
  • Lifespan
  • Environmental impact analysis with protection measures
  • Recultivation measures
  • Impact of mining activities on the community
  • Technical-economic assessment with cash flow and required funds
The main mining project is a construction project and contains:
  • Base conception
  • Technical projects on the basis of which mining works are carried out and mining facilities and infrastructure are built
  • Technical and technological units
  • Technical and economic assessment of the project