worker training
obuke i inovacije

Training courses

The Science and Technology Centre (NTC) provides the service of technical training by competencies to the parent company NIS j.s.c., Gazprom Neft group of companies, and other oil companies of the Balkan region. Being a registered and publicly recognized organizer of adult education activities (PROAEA), NTC has registered two training courses with the Qualifications Agency of the Republic of Serbia:

  • “Selection of pumping system equipment for a bottomhole pump on piston rods”
  • “Oil for on-oil professionals”

Registration of other technical training courses within the NTC Training Catalogue with the Qualifications Agency is underway.


Innovative Activity


Within the scientific and research activity of the NTC, the focus is on research and finding new and innovative technical and technological solutions, and on patenting such achievements. In addition to innovation in traditional forms of oil and gas production, NTC is implementing a digital transformation of production processes following the latest global trends of digitalization in the oil and gas industry.