NIS NTC Experts in International Hackathon

Стручњаци НТЦ НИС-а на међународном Хакатону

In the organisation of the Science and Technology Centre of Gazprom Neft (GNP NTC) and ITMO University in Saint Petersburg, one of the most renowned digital universities in the Russian Federation, the  international competition Applied AI Challenge Hackathon was held in May this year: Oil and Gas Industry Case, in which the experts from NIS Science and Technology Centre also participated.

A team of our colleagues from the Digital Laboratory, in cooperation with the Cognitive Technology Centre of GPN NTC, were engaged in the preparation of the reservoir rock prediction case on the basis of the selected geophysical logging signals, using machine learning algorithms. NIS NTC experts presented the contestants with a real data science challenge - working with a small and imbalanced dataset. The best solution will be potentially applied in the day-to-day work of geologists, petrophysicists and petroleum engineers of Gazprom Neft.

The participants in the international on-line Hackathon were predominantly master and undergraduate students of Serbian and Russian universities, in the fields of IT, physics, geophysics, and oil and gas industry. Out of 98 registered participants, two Serbian students singled out for their remarkable results and they placed second and sixth overall.