Engineering Celebrates 60 Years of Continuity

Naftagas-Engineering, NIS-Engineering, Design Sector, Engineering Sector, Engineering Department and, since 2020, Infrastructure Design Department, part of the Science and Technology Centre, has celebrated its 60th anniversary and welcomed many guests from partner companies, colleagues from NIS and former employees.

The name and type of the company have changed but the activity and creative energy have endured for six decades.

Leonid Stulov, Head of the Science and Technology Centre, said that continuity is the essence of any business.

-By maintaining continuity, we develop and strengthen our identity. One can truly do wonders by maintaining continuity in the long run. And for 60 years now, they, the Engineering Team, have been doing wonders – creating unrivalled structures. Oil and gas gathering stations, gas and oil pipelines, pumping stations, compressor stations, petroleum product storage facilities, pipeline river crossings, etc. Even this building where we are now bears the mark of work and creativity of the Engineering experts. We are proud of our experts and their creations because they are a reflection of our company, Stulov said, wishing them many more successful and capital projects.

Nenad Vrzić, Head of the Capital Construction Department, wished that the Infrastructure Design Department should have many more high-quality projects, innovative solutions, new technologies and a lot of success working and developing in the future.

The Engineering originated and developed together with the Exploration and Production as part of the ‘Naftna Industrija Srbije’. Together with us, through all different organisational structures and business environments within the scope of its activity, it has been responsible for the existence and functioning of all technological and production systems for the production, preparation and transport of oil and gas. Apart from that, the former Engineering and its successor, Infrastructure Design Department, have been a breeding ground for high-quality design staff throughout these 60 years. Today, the Infrastructure Design Department has the status of a general designer and is the backbone of the Exploration and Production design activity, Vrzić pointed out.

Dmitry Evgrafov, Head of the Infrastructure Design Department, said that the 60th anniversary is a real accomplishment, a great honour and also a commitment to maintain continuity in operation and reputation.

I take pride in the fact that we pursue our goal together – constantly striving for better results. We endeavour to constantly improve our business by introducing innovations. It is evident to what extent the way of working has changed in these 60 years. Take the example of design software in all fields, 3D modelling, virtual reality, computer software for modelling the operation of process equipment, laser scanners, drones and other modern technological solutions, which make it possible for us to deal with challenging issues in a much shorter time, Evgrafov said. He added that the Infrastructure Design Department Team is always ready to offer high-quality projects and innovative technologies to its partners.

The guests were also greeted by the former Head of the Engineering of 20 years, Mila Bačić-Milinski.

As time went by and the Engineering transformed into different organisational forms, it has always managed to deliver on quality and reliability and meet the complex needs of NIS in terms of oil and gas production, refining, storage, transport and distribution, which is a wide range of technological processes. The Engineering is recognised within the NIS system as a breeding ground for high-quality engineering staff, which is why our fellow colleagues are in responsible and managerial positions today, both within the NIS system and in many companies associated with the oil and gas industry. Constructing capital structures requires not only a competent and highly specialised engineering team, but also an investor who is bold, has the vision of future and trusts the designers, which is a prerequisite for overcoming all the engineering challenges, said Mila Bačić-Milinski, adding that the motto of the Engineering has always been, ‘A Step Ahead’.

The guests were also welcomed by the important figure of the Infrastructure Design Department, its Lead Engineer and Head of the Design Centre, Brankica Pavlović. She underscored that people are their greatest asset.

Our specialists have the required licences and competences acquired through permanent professional development. Most of our former colleagues are here today and many of them are successful managers, experts or owners of their businesses. We cooperate with most of them as partners, colleagues and friends. I’m happy to say that some of them return and make us better through the experience that they gain in other companies, Brankica Pavlović stated.

The attendees were also addressed by Stefan Pajević, the youngest Project Manager, who spoke about modern software applications used for design purposes, stressing that their development is focused on modern technologies.

Long-standing partners and former employees were awarded certificates of appreciation for their contribution to the Engineering performance, continuity and reputation.

The guests had an opportunity to see an exhibition and find out about new technologies, such as virtual reality, a drone and a 3D scanner for geodetic surveying.