Memorandum of Understanding signed between NIS Scientific and Technological Centre and Sonangol Research and Development Centre from Angola

NIS Scientific and Technological Centre (STC NIS) and Sonangol Research and Development Centre (CPD Sonangol) from Angola, signed a Memorandum of Understanding during the visit of the Angolan delegation to the domestic oil company.

The Memorandum was signed in the presence of Emilio Miguel de Carvalho Sobrinho, the ambassador of the Republic of Angola to the Republic of Serbia, at NIS premises in Belgrade by Leonid Stulov, director of STC NIS, and Vladimir Alberto Gouveia Machado, Chief Executive Officer of CPD Sonangol and Fábio Alexandre Ferreira Lopes, Member of the Board of CPD Sonangol.

The Memorandum of Understanding defines the intention of the two companies to ensure cooperation in the fields of geological exploration and renewable energies, including an increase in the potential of oil and gas production while achieving positive economic results. Cooperation also includes the provision of consulting services by STC NIS in the fields of engineering and management related to the geological, geophysical and geochemical sciences, as well as in the field of preparation of training plans for the improvement of competencies of experts in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, activities aimed at the development of renewable energy projects, including solar energy and green hydrogen, also represent an integral part of the cooperation.

The Angolan company delegation also had the opportunity to visit the premises and laboratories of the STC NIS in Novi Sad in order to get acquainted with its scientific and research potential. The members of the delegation visited the NIS Training Centre in Elemir as well, and they will also visit the Pančevo Oil Refinery and the Downstream Laboratory located at the Refinery, that functions as part of the STC NIS organizational system.

In addition to the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Directors of the CPD Sonangol, the delegation from Angola also includes Directors in charge of Research and Innovation, Finance, IT and Data Management, as well as high ranking officials of Sonangol E.P., the Company Headquarter of CPD.