Students of the Faculty of Mining and Geology Visit the STC

Final-year students of the Faculty of Mining and Geology have visited the Faculty of Science and Technology, where they visited the laboratory where rocks, oil, natural gas and water are analysed and were given a series of expert lectures to familiarise them with the activity of STC.

-This is really important for our students, primarily because of the chance to link theoretical knowledge to practice. This is where they can see what they learn from the books. We thank our former students who now manage the STC for their initiative as the visit was very useful, said Vesna Karović Maričić, Head of the Department of Oil and Gas Exploitation and Downhole Drilling Technique at the Faculty of Mining and Geology.

Bojan Martinović, Production Technology Discipline Lead, talked to the students about the beginnings of oil production in Vojvodina 70 years ago or, to be more precise, in Jermenovci on 17 November 1952. He also introduced the young people to the STC specifics.

-It’s a real pleasure for me to introduce our future colleagues to the way of working and culture of the STC. These workshops give us as a company a chance to pre-select high-quality candidates while making them more familiar with our processes at the same time, so they could form a better picture and decide if we are the best place for them to develop. We believe we will be able to intensify our cooperation with faculties in the future and develop a culture of learning through joint projects by involving students at early stages and making it possible for them to be more prepared to start their career at the company, Bojan explained.

Ivan Al-Jeboore, Reservoir Engineering Discipline Lead, said that people are what moves our business forward and students are our future colleagues, so direct communication with them is what matters.

-I find student visits and getting to know them very important to make the theory closer to them in practice on the one hand, but also to point out that at this day and age, when everything is focused on the IT industry, we do pay a lot of attention to innovation and there is possibility here to develop in that way, Ivan underscored.

-Here we got a better picture of everything we had learnt and the theory we had to study in order to pass our exams and now it is much clearer. I loved the lectures and I’m thinking of getting a job here and I think that my fellow students are interested, too. This is a wonderful initiative because there is not much opportunity for practice at the university, said Milena Vikalo, a student of the Faculty of Mining and Geology.

The students also had a chance to see laboratory samples and how rock and reservoir fluid analyses are done at the Upstream Laboratory, accredited for over 80 testing methods. What’s more, the project of carbon dioxide re-injecting into shallow layers was presented to the students by Danica Milićević, New Technologies Product Manager.