EAGE conference in Vienna: NTC at world’s largest event for geo-physicists and oil engineers

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The Science and Technology Centre (NTC) participated in the world's largest event that brings together scientists and engineers from the fields of geology, geophysics, petroleum engineering and related disciplines.

By participating in the annual EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers) conference in Vienna, NTC demonstrated its commitment to the European scientific community and showcased its services to potential partners.

-The conference is an excellent space for building networks and partnerships. As a result of participation in the largest geophysical and geological conference, important contacts and agreed cooperation were established. We have confirmed our strategic goal, which is to provide services to the third market. In addition, by constantly investing in the development of competences and knowledge and in modern technologies, we show that we have a place at renowned professional conferences, alongside leading world companies - said Mihail Tarakanovski, business development manager.

Our stand attracted special attention because of the VR game, which shows the activity in a unique and interesting way and animates the user during the search for oil.

-In the oil industry, there is currently an expansion of the use of virtual reality for the purposes of training, collaboration and immersive experience in the analysis of geological data. With that, we decided to show, in a fun way, some of the steps in oil and gas exploration for the purpose of promoting NTC's competences. A VR game was created, for a wider audience, in which, passing through the levels, the user gets to know the basics of seismic interpretation and analysis of geophysical logging. The comments we received from the users are very positive, and the fact that we did the right thing is indicated by the fact that for most of the visitors, it was the first time they encountered this type of medium - pointed out Svetlana Šešum, product manager for new technologies.

In addition to presenting at the stand, among more than 1,500 presenters, our colleagues Borislav Lavrnja, Stefan Stanković and Strahinja Kovačević had the opportunity to present their scientific works and posters.

This was the second time for colleagues Lavrnja and Stanković to present themselves to the EAGE professional audience.

-Participation in this conference is important from the aspect of developing one's own competences, becoming familiar with current trends in the oil industry and receiving feedback on one's own work. For me personally, participation is an additional motivation for further development and application of innovative approaches to solving problems in future projects - said Borislav, chief specialist in geological modelling, who presented a scientific paper entitled „Prediction of reservoirs formed in different depositional settings based on seismic data and elastic properties analysis“.

Stefan also believes that participation in such conferences gives insight into new trends in the industry.

-Trend monitoring can be used for timely recognition of new business opportunities, as well as technology for improving work. Therefore for raising one's own competences - says Stefan, chief specialist for geological modelling, who presented the poster "Facies zonation in mixed/hybrid (deep-water and shelf) depositional environments", recommending other colleagues to apply for participation in similar conferences.

Strahinja had the opportunity to participate in the EAGE conference for the first time and presented himself with a scientific poster „The non-standard approach to solving complex sand production issues“.

-For me, participation in such conferences is important because of the exchange of experience and the acquisition of new knowledge in this field from other people who deal with it - said Strahinja, the main specialist for GP design and digitalization.

The EAGE conference attracted nearly 6,000 visitors from all over the world, and the diverse program included a technical conference, an exhibition, excursions, educational courses and short workshop.